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File:New York City Police Commissioners - Brady-Handy.jpg|thumb|Picture from the Brady-Handy Collection misidentified in one source as the "New York Police"[ Library of Congress Title] Commissioners. In fact it is of the United States Sanitary Commission.[ Library of Congress Description title] In center is Commissions President Henry Whitney Bellows. Possibly second from right is George Templeton Strong File:Roughing It - 319.jpg|thumb|The official seal of the United States Sanitary Commission. File:Brooklyn Museum - Brooklyn Sanitary Fair - 2.jpg|thumb|Brooklyn Museum - Brooklyn Sanitary Fair - 2 The '''United States Sanitary Commission''' (USSC) was a private relief agency created by federal legislation on June 18, 1861, to support sick and wounded soldiers of the Union Army|U.S. Army during the American Civil War.The...
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